Certificate in Geoscience Data Management

GDM Online Certificate

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Our 100% online Geoscience Data Management Certificate enables students to:

  • Obtain knowledge in data management and governance practices,
  • Produce high-quality geoscientific data, and
  • Gain skills in data stewardship to maintain data integrity and quality.

The need for qualified individuals in this field is rapidly growing - our certificate is designed to meet this demand.

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Credits earned in this program are applicable to the pursuit of a Master of Geoscience (MGsc). Earning a certificate fulfills 12 of the 36 credits required to complete the master's program. This program is approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.
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Outside applicants must complete the Texas A&M Graduate CAS application. There is a non-refundable application fee of $89 for domestic students, and $114 (USD) for international students. You will be provided with instructions for completing the application in Graduate CAS.

In order to apply, you must include all official transcripts, a personal statement, and a resume/CV.

Current students should email the Geography Academic Advisor to add the certificate to your curriculum. Do not complete the online application if you are a current student.


Geoscience Data Governance (9 hours)

GEOS 611 Data Management for the Geosciences
GEOS 612 Data Quality for the Geosciences
GEOS 613 Data Governance for the Geosciences

Geoscience Data Analysis (3 hours)

GEOS 669 or OCNG 669 Introduction to Processing Geoscience Data with R or Python for Geosciences