Technology Requirements

What you'll need to thrive in an online environment

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How Online Courses Work

Online courses can include weekly assignments, interaction with classmates and/or professors, all in a format you can complete at your own pace. Texas A&M utilizes Canvas for online courses, where you can finish and submit your assignments with ease.

As an online student, it’s important for you to know what resources are available. We’re here to help point you in the right direction.

Our online degree program is designed to be accessible to all Texas A&M students, including those who need to use assistive technologies. If you need support, contact Disability Services.

Learn more about accessibility at Texas A&M.

Professors for online courses often require proctored exams, where your test will be supervised through a remote proctoring system. This option offers you the flexibility to take your exam from wherever you are most comfortable.

Learn what proctoring services are available at Texas A&M.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you make decisions on which courses you want to take, remember that you will need access to a computer with an updated browser. Professors may also require specific programs and software for completing assignments. Specific hardware requirements for our program include:

  • PC or Mac running current 64bit OS. No Chromebooks or iPads.
  • Intel based processor
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 512 GB Storage system
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Wi-Fi capable

For students pursuing course work in Geographic Information Science (GIS), we recommend a PC for compatibility with GIS software. We recommend testing your computer setup at least a week before you start a course.

For specific questions about technology requirements or more information, please email the college’s IT Help Desk.


Your browser should support graphics and be able to support iframes and accept cookies.

The most commonly used browsers include:

Note: you may need to use more than one browser type depending on coursework requirements.

Virus Protection

Our program is designed to keep your data safe, but we recommend installing a virus protection program for your computer for further security.

Contact Texas A&M IT