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The online Master of Geoscience program from Texas A&M University offers an extraordinary opportunity to working professionals in the Oil and Gas industry who are looking to add significant career advantages in the petroleum applications of Geographic Information Science & Technology (GIST).


To the highly sought-after skills in the petroleum applications of GIST

The on-campus GIST degree has been the fastest growing and producing the most ‘in-demand’ professionals in the history of the College of Geosciences. Developing the online option for working professionals will be a game-changer for the ever-evolving Oil and Gas industry professionals.


To the most connected and loyal Alumni Network in the World

In addition to the World-Class faculty you will learn from – who are leaders in their fields and industries, you will be part of the more-than-half-million-strong, Aggie Network.


The Master of Geoscience (MGsc.) is an exclusively online program requiring coursework in Geography, GIS, GIST, Geology/Geophysics and Geospatial Intelligence.

The online degree program demands the same academic rigor and maintains the high academic standards as the on-campus program. The online degree offers more flexibility and customizability for students, which is ideal for working professionals seeking a degree while working full time – YOU SET YOUR PACE. Online learning is available 24x7x365 to students anywhere in the world.


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