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Information about the Ocean Data Science track

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Ocean data informs solutions to challenges that are becoming more complex and ocean science has become increasingly analytical and computational. The ODS track develops skills in analytical and interdisciplinary thinking, computer programming, data mining, statistical and spatial modeling, predictive analysis and ocean science data methodology.

Classes start three times during the year. Visit the How To Apply page for more information about the application process and upcoming deadlines.

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The online Master of Geoscience is a 36 credit, non-thesis program that follows a structured degree plan. Students enroll in 10 courses, followed by a semester-long capstone experience. More information may be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Required Courses (15 hours)

OCNG 600 Survey of Oceanography
OCNG 604 Ocean Observing Systems
OCNG 655 Experimental Design and Analysis
OCNG 657 Data Methods & Graphical Representation
OCNG 669 Python for Geosciences

Geoscience Data Governance (6-9 hours)

GEOS 611 Data Management for the Geosciences (required)
GEOS 612 Data Quality for the Geosciences (elective)
GEOS 613 Data Governance for the Geosciences (elective)

Spatial Data Science Electives (6 - 9 hours)

GEOG 651 Remote Sensing
GEOG 659 GeoDatabases
GEOG 660 Applications in GIS
GEOG 676 GIS Programming
GEOG 678 Web GIS

Practicum (6 hours)

GEOS 676 Capstone