Job opportunities are excellent for geoscientists, particularly those with a master’s degree.


The online Master of Geoscience from Texas A&M University offers you the skills and knowledge to delve into exciting and evolving areas of Geographic Information Science and Technology with applications specifically to the Oil and Gas Industry. With the increasing demand for GIST expertise, graduates are also in the position to drive innovation and apply modern technologies to careers in nonprofit, government, or business sectors.

Texas A&M University’s College of Geosciences now offers a Master of Geoscience Degree, totally online. Designed to teach value-added skills to Petroleum Professionals, this non-thesis, 36 credit program encompasses all aspects of the Geosciences. Offered in a totally online carrousel model, students may complete the degree in as little as 18 months. Courses begin five times a year, and students may be admitted to the program three times per year; Fall, Spring or Summer.

The distance education modality uses a structured degree plan requiring advanced coursework emphasizing Geographic Information Science and Technology taught by world-class experts in the Departments of Geography and Geology and Geophysics. The flexible degree plan requires a capstone course in which an on-campus presence is encouraged but not required.

Students admitted to the online degree program are enrolled in the Department of Geography within the College of Geosciences and will have access to highly regarded faculty, mentors and classmates.


Students choose how quickly to move through the program, full or part time. YOU SET YOUR PACE. Courses begin 5 times per year, and students are admitted three times per year, allowing maximum flexibility to choose when to complete the required 10 courses, followed by the semester-long capstone experience.

This is a fast-paced program, with courses lasting 8 weeks each. The capstone course will be offered as a 10 week course during the summer, and 16 weeks in fall or spring.


Admission to Texas A&M’s online Master of Geoscience program is a selective, competitive process. Ideal candidate qualifications include:


The online Master of Geoscience is a 36 credit, non-thesis program that follows a structured degree plan. Students enroll in 10 courses, followed by a semester-long capstone experience. The structured degree plan requires a capstone course in which an on-campus presence is encouraged, but not required. More information may be found in the Graduate Catalog.

GEOG 651 Remote Sensing for Geographical Analysis 3 credit hours
GEOG 659 GeoDatabases 3 credit hours
GEOG 660 Applications in GIS 3 credit hours
GEOS 689 GIS in Petroleum 3 credit hours
GEOP 689 Methods of Geophysical Exploration 3 credit hours
GEOL 689 Petroleum Industry 3 credit hours
GEOG 662 GIS in Land Management 3 credit hours
GEOG 665 GIS-Based Spatial Analysis and Modeling 3 credit hours
GEOG 676 GIS Programming 3 credit hours
GEOG 678 Web GIS 3 credit hours
GEOS 6X3 Capstone Experience in Petroleum Geosciences 6 credit hours


Cost per Semester Credit Hour (SCH) Program Total Cost (36 hours)
Texas Resident $800 $28,800
Non-Resident $1008 $36,288

Tuition is payable each semester of enrollment.
Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. More information may be found at: Texas A&M Scholarships & Financial Aid

*Program tuition and costs are estimated and subject to change. More information on tuition and program fees may be found on the Student Business Services.

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